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This site features public domain content from TV shows and movies which had young non athletic lead guy performers. By non athletic I mean they are not the kinds of performers who win the day with explosions and backflips. These guys are non threatening young teen to young twenties normal guys who might live next door. This site is an alternative to the many action hero caped crimefighter sites. Most of these guys are well built in a very normal way. They look like they do not spend their time on the playing field or in a gym.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Alfred Hitchcock Presents

This movie is available for watching at The Internet Archive or here for free. This is a very excellent TV episode of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV series. The star is Brandon DeWilde, best know for his wonderful performance in Shane. Brandon died at age 30 in an automobile accident. He left many fine performances on film. This is NerdyTV at its very best from an era long gone.

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This TV episode is in the Public Domain.

Brandon DeWilde Best known for the closing sequence of Shane, Brandon was a child star who continued to be very active as an adult. He always portrayed sensitive thinking young characters. He was not a super hero who could dodge bullets. As you watch this episode which was made about ten years before his tragic accident, you will see that Brandon was able at a young age to do a character study which made his acting believable and yet he was never bombastic or bouncing off the walls. It is also fun to watch Alfred Hitchcock as he plays himself in this episode of his popular TV show, but he did not have Brandon's handsome face. Brandon was a very good actor who found a lot of work in films and television.

Brandon DeWilde

Brandon DeWilde Brandon was doing well career wise when he died in his car accident. He is often compared with James Dean. He was one of so many celebrities who died too young but still managed to leave us with many great memories.

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