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Nerdy TV and Movie Stars

This movie is available for watching at The Internet Archive or here for free. This is a good TV movie with a great cast. Tony Perkins looks about like he did when he made Psycho. Julie Harris still appears to be a young leading lady.

The controls on this player allow you to watch full screen size.

This movie is in the Public Domain.

Anthony Perkins Best known for the Norman Bates character in Psycho, Tony Perkins had done many roles before and after that Hitchcock film. In this movie Tony capitalizes on his Bates persona in some ways. This is a sort of scary horror movie that was made for TV. It is not as good as what Hitchcock did but it has some good moments and some plot twists. Tony Perkins was able to be sexy without ever being a hunk or powerhouse. He always played against the movie star pretty boy image. There is good acting and camera work in this production. Nice old haunted house scenes, too.

Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins Tony Perkins did many early movies such as Friendly Persuasion with Gary Cooper which showed his acting ability. He became typecast with Psycho. I recommend watching any of his films for his charm and occasional smile.