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This TV show is available for watching at The Internet Archive or here for free. This is a wonderful TV musical episode from the black and white days. This was made about the same time they made wraparound windshields on new cars. Eddie Fisher was the most popular male singer in the US at that time. In this show he sings several songs including an abreviated version of Anytime and his big hit I Need You Now.

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Eddie Fisherm 1954 Most remembered for his headline grabbing marriages to Hollywood's most beautiful ladies, the world today is mostly unaware of Eddie's great singing personality. Eddie was discovered while he was still in the US Army in the early 1950s. Eddie Fisher's first hit records had his name on the lable as Private Eddie Fisher. Eddie Cantor liked his style and used Eddie for his opening act. Cantor was big on radio and he was an early star of TV. Fisher appeared on many of Eddie Cantor's broadcasts. Eddie Fisher was a big teen idol and a very successful performer with many top ten hit records. His Coke Time TV show was one of several NBC TV fifteen minute shows. Eddie had a relaxed manner while all the camera and lighting work was going on around him while he was singing. What you hear in this broadcast is a live band and live background vocals all being performed with a big studio audience. I know because I went to see his show in person at least a dozen times in the mid 1950s at the theater across the street from Capitol Records.

Eddie Fisher died of complications from hip surgery on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at age 82. He and his wonderful voice will be missed.

Eddie Fisher

Eddie Fisher Eddie is the father of Carrie Fisher, the actress. Eddie was married to Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor and Connie Stevens. All of those unions ended in divorce. He also was married to and divorced from Terry Richard and his most recent wife Betty Lin died in 2001.