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Teenagers From Outer Space

This movie is available for watching at The Internet Archive or here for free. This is a fun sci-fi teen flick that has great bad acting. It is also blessed with a nerdy teen from outer space who is about 25 Earth years of age.

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This movie is in the Public Domain.

Teen Agers This movie is a favorite with bad movie cult audiences. This film is reasonably well made as far as the camera work, but the acting and special effects are laughably terrible. The star of this movie has no other credits at imdb (Internet Movie Data Base). He apparently never worked again. He was a great looking guy, but definitely not a super hero. He is the classic outer space/nerd/babe magnet. The old cars, which were new in 1959 are very attractive. The cars look better than anything in a showroom today. The monster is one of the all time worst monsters in Hollywood history. Just to see this creature is worth the price of admission if you get in free.

Teen agers From Outer Space

Space Teens Sci-fi movies were plentiful in the 1950s. Many had teen themes. Many are in the public domain like this one. I will try to get many more for this site. Most teen space and horror stars had a great nerdy character, meaning they were not massive wrestlers packing body armor. They were more likely the high school boy achievers who used their smarts.