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Little Shop of Horrors

This movie is available for watching at The Internet Archive or here for free. This is the classic original version of Little Shop of Horrors.

The controls on this player allow you to watch full screen size.

This movie is in the Public Domain.

Little Shop This movie is a classic in every way. It was a low budget film that had great acting, a great script, a moderate amount of gore, lots of comedy and a nerdy hero. There was a remake but why watch a remake of such a fine film? Would you walk across the street to see a new version of the Mona Lisa? They got it right the first time. This is about a flower and the effect it has on some lovable characters. It can be watched repeatedly without causing too much damage to your brain. Come on in to the nicest flower shop on Skid Row...

Little Shop of Horrors

Horrors Another fine example of originality raising its head and giving us a chance to look at ourselves. There are some dentist scenes with a different way of dealing with toothache pain.