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Your Thrift Habits

This movie is available for watching at The Internet Archive or here for free. Alright, guys. Let's get serious and learn how to save a buck. Jack learns from cute Ralph how to quit eating and save money for a camera and hair tonic.

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This movie is in the Public Domain.

Thrifty Guys You can learn a lot about financial planning from this fine educational movie. Did you know it costs $4 per week to operate your car? Just feeding a family for a week can cost $18. Of course, if you need a little extra money you can get a part time job at the library that pays $6 per week. Ralph is the smart one who teaches Jack how to save for a nice camera. If Jack is smart he will use the camera to take pictures of Ralph. This movie is from 1948. The film does not give cast credits. The acting is as good as most 1950s TV sitcoms. Camera work also is well done.

Your Thrift Habits

Ralph This is a very dry movie with no slasher scenes. What were they thinking? I hope the guys did some other films, maybe for Coronet's educational series or real fictional action. Their acting is good.