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Road Runners

This movie is available for watching at The Internet Archive or here for free. This is a 1952 driving safety shot movie. This one is fun for any car buff who is a bit of a nerdy card carrying kid.

The controls on this player allow you to watch full screen size.

This movie is in the Public Domain.

Mel's Buick Mel dumps Sarah after he meets Dave. Mel gets a trophy which makes him smile more than Sarah did. Dave has his teen boy card which he gives to Sarah to give to Mel who has a nice big Buick, but it's just too slow. See? It's OK. You will figure it all out and you will have a great ride along the way as you look at a 1950 Ford pushing a hot rod and a 1949 Cadillac ambulance... just in case. Mel's first car appears to be a 1946 Buick convertible. The biggest problem for Mel now is what will he do to hold his hair in place at 150 mph? What's that Dave? Vaseline... Get serious.

Road Runners

Car Repair This is actually a very entertaining 15 minute short film with a message, but it is fun to go back in time. Cars and guy's hair looked better in the 1950s.